New to shopping consignment?

Here are some quick facts to help you get comfortable with shopping premium and luxury consignment.

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Premium and Luxury Brands

The Closet Shop Delmar only sources high-end, premium, and luxury brand items. We avoid fast-fashion and budget brands.

New and Like-New

All of our items are mended, clean and laundered; free of tears, tatters and wear. Many items are still new with the tags still on! Either way, you can rest assured that your items will feel like new to you.

Unique Items

You'll never have the same look as someone else when you buy one-of-a-kind fashion from a boutique consignment like The Closet Shop Delmar, rather than items from a big box store.

Economically Savvy

Your dollar goes further when you buy premium and luxury goods on consignment. Spend less for quality made items. That's a win-win!


When you buy second-hand, you're choosing an environmentally-friendly way to shop! You help save MILLIONS OF TONS of textile waste, water and energy that's used in the creation of new clothing and accessories.

Meet the Owner, Suzy

Suzy's love of fashion and passion for sustainability inspired her to purchase The Closet Shop Delmar in 2020. As a solopreneur, she dedicates much of her time styling her customers and sourcing the best items from her consignors.

Here are some fun facts about Suzy:

- "I have loved resale/thrifting since I walked into my first thrift shop as a pre-teen. It is a love that has never died."

- "I love music - especially going to concerts. I will travel to see one
of my favourite bands."

- "I love to travel; and I have been to a lot of amazing places on this big beautiful planet of ours."

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